Saturday, November 3, 2007


I have been trying to push myself to draw as much as I can and instead of watching TV or surfing the internet (or draw while watcing TV) is much more fulfilling to create a piece of artwork than to just watch mindless tv! I am trying to brush up on my hand-eye coordination. It used to be great and since I haven't drawn very much in a while I definitely need some practice. (which is good anyway since my paints are in the process of being mailed to me!) Tonight I snapped a picture of Glenn and did a drawing from the picture...Here it is! I finally got to go to the Dick Blick art supply store that is a few miles away from our apartment. I had tried to go twice and never actually made it in due to various reasons. I bought a couple of pads of paper, but I have my eye on a small drawing desk and stool. Maybe it will be a Christmas present ;-) I will keep posting my artwork on the blog, so watch for more to come!


Anonymous said...

WOW EM!!!!!!
That is Pawsome...I mean Awesome! Hee Hee... Your hand/eye is rapidly coming back! You captured Glenn really well! Does he like it? You have inspired me as well...I need to do artwork at nite and post for you to see also...
Glad you made it to Dick Blick. I think I saw the little drawing table in a catalog I have from them. It was the same price in the cat. The stool doesn't look very comfy... but apparently comes with it.. Do you have a kneaded eraser? Great for "lifting out" highlights, etc..How about your tackle box? I don't think it's here, so hopefully you took it.
Will be sending a pad of Artagain to you..along with your wc stuff. and some other assorted paper.
Must stop... YOU GO GIRL!!!!

PS.. Molly enjoyed going to Texas Art Supply, Fish Gallery and Barnaby's yesterday. She was a very good girl and soaked up at lot of admiration and "pets" from random admirers! Good for her ego! lol...