Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving and goals


I have been feeling like my life is one big example of Murphy's law at the moment; anything that can go wrong will. (still no brain tumor though Susan ;-) ) Sometimes things just seem to keep getting harder instead of easier for me and there is nothing I can do about it.

One thing I can do is think about the good things in my life though.

Family and Glenn-- I am thankful to have a great hubby and family. Even though all of us are busy busy busy it is always good to know that you have people who understand you completely and will support you no matter what.

I feel quite antisocial at the moment because all I do is drive to and from school every day (90 miles) but I know that my good friends are always there if I want to pick up the phone, shoot an email or facebook message, or even come visit.

My puppies
I love my adorable pups! They are so smart and have such cute personalities. I can't imagine not having them to cuddle (well Minnie anyway- Molly isn't a cuddler)

I still love art even after being in school for it. The more art I create the less I want to do anything else like write papers. I wish I didn't have to!

let's be honest, I would be lost without the Internet and a computer! Writing papers is stressful, but it's sure a lot easier typing them on the computer rather than a type-writer! Or handwriting! *gasp*

I think my favorite things about living in Houston, Texas are the fact that it rarely gets cold enough to wear a heavy jacket. If it does it won't last long. Also, where else could you commute 45 miles every morning in a little over an hour? I mean it still sucks, but it is doable. The food is really good too :-)

I realize that it isn't New Years resolution time, (I never make one of those anyway) but I have some goals I would like to accomplish

  • To pass my Texes Art EC-12 test

Actually I already took it, but I haven't found out my scores yet. I really think I did fine, but until I know that I passed it I cannot be officially enrolled in a teaching certification program.

  • To get a teaching job in a good school district close to where I live

I desperately need to start working. With paying back scholarship from UCLA, paying for my student loans/school expenses, buy a new car (we are down to 1 car at the moment) , pay for ridiculous traffic citations, food, art supplies, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention living in a 1 bedroom apt is getting REALLY old! I just hope I can find an opening for an art teacher at a district that is close enough to where we live. I don't know how much longer I can handle driving so far every day. Glenn has a really good job and it is sad that in this day and age it isn't enough to keep our heads above water. He really couldn't be doing any better, so I need to step it up and start earning money.

  • Keep doing my own artwork even when I am teaching and be able to sell it

This is probably a goal that will be on my list for the rest of my life. Most art teachers I talk to have a hard time doing their own art b/c they spend so much time concentrating on their students.

  • Not to stress out so much

haha yeah right! It is in my nature to stress about things, but I wish I didn't. I have had a lot of things on my mind lately so that doesn't help. Before every big paper I am stressed , before every big test, etc. They are important, but I know I should just relax. I worry that if something happens to my car I won't be able to get to class or Glenn to work. I worry that on one of the days when he has to walk home some crazy driver will hit him or he will get mugged. I worry that if I have to see the officer at my court date who pulled me over I will start crying again. I worry that my dogs will eat something they shouldn't while I'm not home and get sick or die. I worry about if I don't find a job. blah blah blah you get the idea.