Sunday, November 1, 2009

November is a busy month!

In my Mouse Ears on Halloween looking at the Sunset off of our balcony!

This month has barely started, and I already know that it is going to fly by! There is SO MUCH going on this month for me!

This week- on top of reading 2 NOVELS for one class discussion this week for my Thurs night class, I have a 7 page proposal/summative bibliography/midterm due. I also have a critique for my other class (painting) this Tuesday.

Next Week- I am excited for TAEA (art teacher) conference in Dallas! I already have a sub lined up for Friday, and I will be in Dallas for the weekend.

Nov 19- We have a conveyance walk with our builder, which basically is the step before closing.

Nov 20- I have my jury trial stemming from that ticket that I got in October of 2008!

Nov 23- Appliances go in our house!

Nov 24- We close on our house!

Our lights are on! And our fence posts are up! Now all we need is carpet, grass, landscaping, and door knobs lol!

Then- I am off for Thanksgiving Holiday! My holiday, however, will not only be filled with fun house /moving/painting rooms, etc, but with doing work on my grad school work. I have (at least) 2 more paintings to do this semester PLUS another to go with my creative paper=3 large paintings left to complete. My final paper is due Dec 3rd and my final (blue book) exam for that class is a couple of days later.

whew! I'm not sure how I will get everything done, but I am sure that November is going to fly by whether I like it or not! I can't wait til Christmas Break when I can actually rest!