Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am SO sick and tired of companies and organizations of all kinds trying to rip me off!

The most obvious of course would be my wedding photographers who I'm sure you all know about by now. I don't even want to talk about it.

In LA we got ripped off by the Armenian mobsters who moved our stuff out of our apt into a truck in Los Angeles. Now, we did not know when we hired them that they were mobsters. Their company's estimate was reasonable, then they ended up charging us over 3000 dollars. And that was only moving our stuff to another location in LA- not all the way to TX! Normally Glenn would have disputed things, but we really didn't want to be killed in our sleep. They were scary fellows and they knew where we lived for one more night!

So meanwhile we are still recovering financially from the move... and we find out we have to move again.

The most recent company to rip us off is my former apartment in Pearland. Now, we only lived there for 3 months before Glenn's job moved all the way to North Houston. There was no way he could drive that far every day, so we explored our options for getting out of the lease. We agreed (because we really had no other choice) to pay a large reletting fee (over 1000 dollars) and to pay the rent until they find a new tenant. Luckily they found someone immediately, so we were only out of 1000 and expected to get over 700 in deposits back. We moved out early at their request (b/c the new residents were moving in right after we moved out and they needed to clean the apt). I left the apt spotless to be sure.

A month later we get a bill. They replaced the carpet and are charging us for it. Luckily our deposits paid for nearly all of the over $800 cost of replacing the carpet, so they are charging us $60. Now, they told us the carpet wasn't new when we moved in, but was in great shape. We lived there for 3 months. The fact that they have the nerve to charge us 60 dollars after taking so much money from us already makes me really angry! If they had been decent they would have made an exception for us since it was a work transfer causing us to move, but NO they have to take ALL the money they can get from us!

Upon disputing the charge with the corporate office I have been informed that our carpet was new when we moved in. What!?! Something is fishy here! I can't wait until we own our own house!

On another note, why is college so expensive? I look at my bill for grad school and it makes me sick. The tuition for my classes is only $1728 for 4 classes this fall, but wait why is my bill nearly $4000!?! Maybe because they find it necessary to charge me an extra $1200 "graduate tuition" not to mention a long list of random add-on charges! They charge me a $174 student services fee, $160 computer fee, $60 library fee, $16 E services fee, the list goes on and on! A long list of things that I largely don't even know what they are or things that I don't even need to use. I'm an art major- I have to spend lots of money for the supplies I actually use. I don't need to pay for this crap! They charge me $3 ever semester for my ID card which I got when I enrolled and will use the same one my entire student career. Unless of course I lose it in which they would charge me a hefty fee to replace it.

I HATE the feeling of being ripped off. Unfortunately it seems that you can't trust anybody to be decent. No wonder the corporate world wasn't for me- I despise the way most companies do business.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Separated at Birth

The Monopoly Man


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