Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It looks like we may not get Christmas cards out this year so...

Merry Christmas from Glenn, Emily, Molly, & Minnie Callaghan!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Art


oh and one more week until I get a break! yay for Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving and goals


I have been feeling like my life is one big example of Murphy's law at the moment; anything that can go wrong will. (still no brain tumor though Susan ;-) ) Sometimes things just seem to keep getting harder instead of easier for me and there is nothing I can do about it.

One thing I can do is think about the good things in my life though.

Family and Glenn-- I am thankful to have a great hubby and family. Even though all of us are busy busy busy it is always good to know that you have people who understand you completely and will support you no matter what.

I feel quite antisocial at the moment because all I do is drive to and from school every day (90 miles) but I know that my good friends are always there if I want to pick up the phone, shoot an email or facebook message, or even come visit.

My puppies
I love my adorable pups! They are so smart and have such cute personalities. I can't imagine not having them to cuddle (well Minnie anyway- Molly isn't a cuddler)

I still love art even after being in school for it. The more art I create the less I want to do anything else like write papers. I wish I didn't have to!

let's be honest, I would be lost without the Internet and a computer! Writing papers is stressful, but it's sure a lot easier typing them on the computer rather than a type-writer! Or handwriting! *gasp*

I think my favorite things about living in Houston, Texas are the fact that it rarely gets cold enough to wear a heavy jacket. If it does it won't last long. Also, where else could you commute 45 miles every morning in a little over an hour? I mean it still sucks, but it is doable. The food is really good too :-)

I realize that it isn't New Years resolution time, (I never make one of those anyway) but I have some goals I would like to accomplish

  • To pass my Texes Art EC-12 test

Actually I already took it, but I haven't found out my scores yet. I really think I did fine, but until I know that I passed it I cannot be officially enrolled in a teaching certification program.

  • To get a teaching job in a good school district close to where I live

I desperately need to start working. With paying back scholarship from UCLA, paying for my student loans/school expenses, buy a new car (we are down to 1 car at the moment) , pay for ridiculous traffic citations, food, art supplies, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention living in a 1 bedroom apt is getting REALLY old! I just hope I can find an opening for an art teacher at a district that is close enough to where we live. I don't know how much longer I can handle driving so far every day. Glenn has a really good job and it is sad that in this day and age it isn't enough to keep our heads above water. He really couldn't be doing any better, so I need to step it up and start earning money.

  • Keep doing my own artwork even when I am teaching and be able to sell it

This is probably a goal that will be on my list for the rest of my life. Most art teachers I talk to have a hard time doing their own art b/c they spend so much time concentrating on their students.

  • Not to stress out so much

haha yeah right! It is in my nature to stress about things, but I wish I didn't. I have had a lot of things on my mind lately so that doesn't help. Before every big paper I am stressed , before every big test, etc. They are important, but I know I should just relax. I worry that if something happens to my car I won't be able to get to class or Glenn to work. I worry that on one of the days when he has to walk home some crazy driver will hit him or he will get mugged. I worry that if I have to see the officer at my court date who pulled me over I will start crying again. I worry that my dogs will eat something they shouldn't while I'm not home and get sick or die. I worry about if I don't find a job. blah blah blah you get the idea.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag you're it!

Glenn and I are alive and well- just really busy. catching up with school after Ike has not been easy, but I'm getting there. All my teachers seem to think their class is the only one that is important haha. My Thursday night class got extended to last until 10:20pm...not cool since I have to drive an hour back home afterwards. blah! I am taking the test to get into the teaching certification program the first weekend of November (the same weekend as TAEA conference in San Antonio) so that's another thing to add to my load. I'm taking the test in San Antonio actually. A lot is riding on me passing it so wish me luck! Oh and the image above is one of many projects that have been taking up my time. (very tedious)

Susan tagged me and I haven't posted in a really long time so here it goes:

I think I have to answer in 1 word

Where is your cell phone? table
Your significant other? great
Your hair? blonde
Your mother? inspiring
Your father? smart
Your favorite thing? Glenn
Your dream last night? weird
Your favorite drink? diet coke
Your dream/goal?art in galleries( I don't know how to anwer that in 1 word)
The room you’re in? living room
Your hobby? art
Your fear?failure
Where do you want to be in 6 years? successful
What you’re not? finished with homework
Muffins? blueberry
One of your wish list items? MONEY
Where you grew up? Texas
The last thing you did? tv
What are you wearing? shirt
Favorite gadget? Computer
Your pets? Molly, Minnie
Your computer? old
Your mood? procrastinating
Missing someone? lots
Your car? cluttered
Something you’re not wearing? makeup
Favorite store? JCrew
Like someone? hubby
Your favorite color? pink
When is the last time you laughed? recently ( I laugh a lot at everything)
Last time you cried? not sure

I tag anyone who reads this.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am SO sick and tired of companies and organizations of all kinds trying to rip me off!

The most obvious of course would be my wedding photographers who I'm sure you all know about by now. I don't even want to talk about it.

In LA we got ripped off by the Armenian mobsters who moved our stuff out of our apt into a truck in Los Angeles. Now, we did not know when we hired them that they were mobsters. Their company's estimate was reasonable, then they ended up charging us over 3000 dollars. And that was only moving our stuff to another location in LA- not all the way to TX! Normally Glenn would have disputed things, but we really didn't want to be killed in our sleep. They were scary fellows and they knew where we lived for one more night!

So meanwhile we are still recovering financially from the move... and we find out we have to move again.

The most recent company to rip us off is my former apartment in Pearland. Now, we only lived there for 3 months before Glenn's job moved all the way to North Houston. There was no way he could drive that far every day, so we explored our options for getting out of the lease. We agreed (because we really had no other choice) to pay a large reletting fee (over 1000 dollars) and to pay the rent until they find a new tenant. Luckily they found someone immediately, so we were only out of 1000 and expected to get over 700 in deposits back. We moved out early at their request (b/c the new residents were moving in right after we moved out and they needed to clean the apt). I left the apt spotless to be sure.

A month later we get a bill. They replaced the carpet and are charging us for it. Luckily our deposits paid for nearly all of the over $800 cost of replacing the carpet, so they are charging us $60. Now, they told us the carpet wasn't new when we moved in, but was in great shape. We lived there for 3 months. The fact that they have the nerve to charge us 60 dollars after taking so much money from us already makes me really angry! If they had been decent they would have made an exception for us since it was a work transfer causing us to move, but NO they have to take ALL the money they can get from us!

Upon disputing the charge with the corporate office I have been informed that our carpet was new when we moved in. What!?! Something is fishy here! I can't wait until we own our own house!

On another note, why is college so expensive? I look at my bill for grad school and it makes me sick. The tuition for my classes is only $1728 for 4 classes this fall, but wait why is my bill nearly $4000!?! Maybe because they find it necessary to charge me an extra $1200 "graduate tuition" not to mention a long list of random add-on charges! They charge me a $174 student services fee, $160 computer fee, $60 library fee, $16 E services fee, the list goes on and on! A long list of things that I largely don't even know what they are or things that I don't even need to use. I'm an art major- I have to spend lots of money for the supplies I actually use. I don't need to pay for this crap! They charge me $3 ever semester for my ID card which I got when I enrolled and will use the same one my entire student career. Unless of course I lose it in which they would charge me a hefty fee to replace it.

I HATE the feeling of being ripped off. Unfortunately it seems that you can't trust anybody to be decent. No wonder the corporate world wasn't for me- I despise the way most companies do business.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Separated at Birth

The Monopoly Man


MinnieI'm just saying...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Check out this article on here!

OMG what happened to Madonna's face? I know...too much plastic surgery! This picture frightened me when I saw it and I just couldn't look away! I have never been a fan of Madonna just for the record but it looks like she has reached a new low.

Now, I think a little nip and tuck is all fine and dandy (if you have that kind of money) but how do people not realize when enough is enough!?! How can Michael Jackson look in the mirror and think that he will look better if he gets another nose job or new cheek implants?

Also it seems like EVERY major celebrity out there has had work done on their face if you stop and notice. Angelina Jolie for example: her lips are all real, but do you remember what her nose looked like when she first started out? See Here .
Or here

She had a perfect nose that any normal person would be lucky to have! A much different nose than she has now! See here,
or here
Her poor little nose keeps getting thinner and thinner!

The scariest part of all is that it's not just celebrities that look like this these days. I was at the Estee Lauder counter a while back and the lady working behind the counter had fake lips and cheek implants... I mean not just a few collagen injections but she was verging on the Cat woman: see here

I was thinking....she works at the Estee Lauder counter at Dillards! How can she afford this magnitude of surgery? She probably is in loads of debt b/c she thinks her "perfect" lips will be worth it, but how can someone not see that they look like a freak? I just don't understand...

Friday, June 20, 2008

One armed Em

I feel like I only have one usable hand right now :-(

Ever since I played the POS Frumpet in marching band I have had tingly sensations and irritation in my hands and wrists. For example when I push a shopping cart across a parking lot my hands ache and tingle. Or if I am driving on a rough road my hands hurt from the vibrations on the steering wheel. Not fun, but it has never severely interfered with my life. I never saw a doctor about it but I have suspected that I have some kind of nerve damage or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Flash forward to June 2008. I woke up this morning with my wrist absolutely killing me!I am in a ceramics class and have been learning to throw on a potter's wheel. Now when you watch potters do this they make it look effortless, but in reality it takes a lot of strength to move the clay where you want it. This has apparently aggravated my wrist/hand condition because it is so painful that just the action of gripping a light object sends a sharp pain from my wrist down my arm.

I can't turn a doorknob, open the fridge, or pick up my 2 lb puppy without being in great pain. I'm really upset b/c I love my ceramics class and fear that this is going to stop my progress of learning the wheel in its tracks. Monday morning I plan on setting a dr.'s appointment with a hand specialist so I can get this thing diagnosed and treated. Such a bummer...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am almost finished with my first week of summer classes and I am SO happy! I am taking ceramics and photography this session, and drawing in the second summer session. Drawing and painting are kind of my fortes, so ceramics and photography were kind of out of my comfort zone. BOY am I glad I took them anyway!

In 3 days of my ceramic class I've finished a large abstract sculpture (that's ready to go in the kiln) and learned how to throw pots on the potter's wheel and trim them! It is SO much more productive than boring business classes that put me to sleep! This class is at 8am and I have to drive a ways to get there, but even though it's early, I am excited to wake up every morning because I look forward to class so much!

Somehow, I feel alive again. A hole in my life has been filled in. I feel that my purpose in life must involve art and in hindsight I can't believe that I didn't realize this sooner. In high school I had art in my life, but I was always distracted somehow by boys and other high school things. Now that I have Glenn and art in my life I am just about the happiest girl in the world!

I really think I have a high level of natural talent, but also I have worked hard my whole life to try to be a good artist. Everything is coming easily to me now; I feel like I'm at the point where every piece of art I have observed and done in my life is sitting in my brain and so when I am designing something, my mind somehow just knows what a good design/ composition looks like without thinking about it. It's hard to describe, but it's almost like the less I think about it, the easier it comes out in my artwork. For whatever reason that art comes easily to me, I KNOW I can do great things!

For the first time I can see a career that is enjoyable for myself and even exciting to me- being an art teacher! What other job allows you to be immersed in your subject of interest, affect young people's lives, get to attend art classes on the school district' dime, gets the summers off, and still starts out making around 45,000/yr? It's a pretty awesome gig! Teaching in college and simultaneously being able to sell my own artwork in galleries would be my ideal goal, but I will start with teaching high school.

I will post pictures of my new artwork when they are totally finished!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon

This past Sunday, Glenn, me, and my parents attended the Roger Waters concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in the Woodlands. In the first act he played pretty much every one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs that aren't on Dark Side of the Moon and then in the second act he played the entire Dark Side of the Moon album. The pictures in this blog aren't mine but were taken by others at other stops on Roger Water's tour, so are pretty much what my pics would have looked like if I had taken them.

The Dark Side of the Moon is a masterpiece in my opinion. Hearing it live was just incredible. No other band has ever been able to affect my mood and emotions in the same way that Pink Floyd does every time I listen to them. So hearing it live combined with the pyrotechnics, lasers, and light effects was amazing. I had chills just hearing the first few notes.

So many idiots were at that concert though! It never ceases to amaze me how many people pay money for tickets, but all throughout the concert repeatedly get up from their seats to buy more $8 beer from the concessions stand. Even if they remember the show they have missed half of it just by waiting in line. I wouldn't have taken my eyes off of that show if it was pouring rain and someone was passing out hundred dollar bills outside the pavillion!

Many people think of Pink Floyd as a "drug band" because they are sort of Psychedelic. If you actually listen to their music, they are all about the torture they feel because of their friend/ former bandmate Syd Barret who fried his brain on drugs at an extremely early age. Syd Barrett's life to me is one of the most tragic stories of all time. He was creative and the driving force behind Pink Floyd in the beginning...then got to the point where he couldn't function or play music anymore, so they replaced him. They went on to make unbelievably passionate music inspired by Syd...better than before. And so they achieved what Syd had wanted without him, but because of him. Of course they tell this story so much better with their songs. I don't think one can really understand Pink Floyd without knowing the back -story though...and many don't think to look that deep.

...The time is gone, the blog is over; thought I'd something more to say ;-)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Minnie's (almost) 4 month stats

My little baby Minnie had her final puppy check-up and set of vaccinations today. She is nearly 4 months old! My how time flies. She still only weighs 2.08lbs (up from 1.15lb 3wks earlier). Although I am happy that she finally surpassed the 2 lb mark, her lack of weight is such a source of stress for me. The vets think that she is just a small girl and that's just how she is made but I am supposed to watch her closely for signs of liver shunts. Not growing at a normal rate is a symptom of this, but she hasn't shown any other signs-hopefully she never will! Minnie is SO spunky and acts like she feels great so I have to keep reminding myself of that!

On a lighter note we attended her 2nd puppy obedience class today and she is doing very well. She is quite observative and a quick learner. So far she can sit and is walking on a leash just great! It is common for people to chuckle when they see her walking by on a leash because when I walk Minnie it looks very similar to walking a furry guinea pig in a harness!

PS Molly is still a perfect girl. She is so sweet and patient with the puppy 99% of the time.

Here is a video of them playing:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's been a while...

It has been a while since I have posted anything. It has been bugging me that the name of my blog is still "Calicallaghans" and since we no longer live in CA that doesn't seem very accurate anymore now does it? I suppose I should start a new one, but I am lazy.

Also my biggest readers before were my parents who now live a short distance away and know everything already, so it feels a bit pointless to post blogs. OH well.

I do have some big news! (and my parents don't know this just yet b/c it is very new, so there you go)

I just got officially accepted today (via letter in the mail) to University of Houston Clear Lake! I will be going there to earn my master of arts in humanities w/ an emphasis in Art. Basically that means that I get to take lots of applied art classes and a few required humanities classes.

After that I am thinking of teaching. Not totally sure yet though since I have a while to decide. The awesome part about that is that since I will have my master's I will get paid more AND if I want to teach in college eventually I can.

Meanwhile I will be substitute teaching for extra moolah. I am a bit nervous about wranging teenagers but I better get used to it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Introducing Minnie Callaghan! And other ramblings

Here she is- Minnie! She is a Maltese puppy and was born on January 1st 2008. She weighs about 1 lb (I'm trying to get her to gain weight!) but she is tiny. She was the runt of her litter but is a little daredevil. She has no fear about anything, which is scary sometimes considering she has an open fontanel (soft spot in her head) and could seriously injure herself easily!
Luckily Molly is sweet to her.

On another note, I did a painting last night. It is acrylic on illustration board. The subject should look familiar :-)

I am trying to figure out how I can go back to college and get a art/ graphic design degree. I realize that I would be a lot happier doing something with my art we'll see.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Year Anniversary!

I can't believe it's already been a year since we were married! It is kind of overwhelming to think of everything that we have done within this year!

we graduated from TU, moved to LA, Glenn started law school,I interviewed for jobs, I found a job, quit my job, found a MUCH better job, learned how to get around LA, Glenn quit law school, got 2 job offers in TX, accepted the one in Houston, we packed up all of our stuff, drove back from LA to Lake Jackson, we now are in the process of moving into our new apartment in Pearland...whew!

We are happy to be back in a familiar place and to have our little Molly back. We are also thrilled to have a washer and dryer and a garage! yay!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Hotel California...Apparently you can check out and you can also leave

My last day of work is this coming Tuesday (Mar. 4th), the movers come Wednesday, and we are on the road Thursday morning. It is kind of surreal, but at this point I just want everything to be done and over with. Especially the drive! I wish I could just wiggle my nose and skip the next few days and be in TX, but alas I can't.

With Glenn's moving bonus we are able to have movers come and box our stuff up and load it on the truck and the whole nine yards. This is a very odd feeling for me though b/c I just want to be doing something. I feel like I should be packing boxes and looking around at everything makes me anxious. I have been cleaning, sorting, taking the pictures off the wall, spackling nail holes, etc, but until our stuff is boxed and ready to go I think I will be a little unsettled!

We have an apartment reserved in Pearland and the best part is that we will have an attached garage AND...drumroll please...a WASHER & DRYER!!!!! I haven't had my own washer and dryer since I lived with my parents. Community laundry rooms and laundromats have gotten very old over the past few years.

Also I am ready for some good food. My favorite restaurants are in TX. I haven't found any seafood, barbeque or Mexican restaurants anywhere that can hold a candle to those in Texas. It is a good thing that my apartment has a workout room b/c I will most likely need it after stuffing my face.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Molly's brief reunion with Glenn

When Glenn was in Houston interviewing with Centerpoint Energy, he stayed at my parents house of course. This was the first time he and Molly have seen each other since August! She couldn't believe her eyes when he walked in the door. Here are a few cute pics that my mom took.
Needless to say I was very jealous that he got to see her and I didn't, but we will be back with her for good soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008


“They say California's the big burrito; Texas is a big taco right now."- Dan Rather

We are definitely moving to Houston! Glenn got an offer yesterday evening from Centerpoint Energy! AND we get a moving bonus so we can hire movers! whoo hoo!

The above Dan Rather quote sums up how I feel about now and is especially fitting considering my love for Mexican food!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Over...I'm goin home

Glenn has made the decision that law school isn't for him and he would rather be an engineer. SO this means that we must be out of our campus owned apartment by March 6th (2 weeks) and we are moving back to Texas. It's still up in the air exactly where we will move to, but Glenn has 1 offer in Dallas and hopefully will have one in Houston in the next couple of days. We will know for sure by this Friday!

Things I will miss about Los Angeles:

  • my job

  • looking at the ocean all day at work

  • beautiful scenery in general

  • wonderful weather

  • great concerts

  • never-ending fun places to visit

  • Trader Joe's

  • always having healthy options at restaurants

  • amazing shopping

  • Palm trees everywhere

  • recognizing that tv shows are filmed where you take your lunch break every day

  • It never rains

  • dogs are alloud everywhere (except my apt)

Things I WILL NOT miss about LA:

  • HORRIBLY insane traffic

  • lack of parking nearly everywhere

  • expensive rent

  • not allowed to have Molly in our apts

  • expensive groceries

  • everything is more expensive...

  • lack of friends and family

  • no good Mexican food (up to my standards anyway)

  • no good barbeque

  • the ocean is too cold to swim in w/o a wetsuit

  • too many pedesetrians to avoid while driving

  • motorcycles drive between the lanes of traffic...scary

  • being so far away from family and friends

Sunday, February 10, 2008

San Diego Wild Animal Park

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is a center for the preservation and display of endangered species. It covers 1,800 acres (730 hectares) in the San Pasqual Valley north of San Diego. The Zoological Society of San Diego, which also administers the San Diego Zoo, opened the park in 1972 to increase public awareness about the need for animal conservation.

This place is indcredible! I can't believe that families don't travel across the country for vacations to see this in the same way they do DisneyWorld/Land! I have never seen such happy and visible animals who seem to have no idea they aren't in their natural habitat! I took so many pictures and video/slideshow but now I am too tired to edit the video tonight after all that walking. I will post a few of my best pictures.

We went on the special "Cheetah Run Safari where a small group of people got up close with a cheetah and watched him run! The Cheetah was so relaxed and purring that they let us take a picture with him!
We were able to feed Lorikeets with little cups of nectar. They loved it and I had one jump on my hand to drink it.
The other tour we went on was the "Journey into Africa" tour which brought drove us throughout a huge area that is made to be very close to the natural habitat in Africa. There was a litter of lion cubs and they were passed out from playing later in the day in an old land rover that was set up in their area.

If you ever get a chance to go to this park DO IT!
Slideshow/video to come...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Productive Evening

Tonight I finished this watercolor that I have sloooowly been working on. It is unlike me to start something and not finish it in a few days...because I am impatient. I just wasn't feeling motivatecd. I read my new watercolor book Making Color Sing before I started it, and although it inspired me to start something, I think I was so wrapped up in doing everything by the book that I wasn't having fun.

Today on my lunch break I ventured into Barnes and Noble and saw that they had the BIG Chuck Close book that I've been wanting for a while. It is huge and heavy and has every painting he ever did. I bought it...I just had to! I couldn't make myself put it down. Luckily I am a Barnes and Noble Member and saved 20 %!

Although his artwork is completely different from the piece I was working on...just reading about him inspired me. He faced so many challenges, figured out how to make things work for him and did what he was good at. I like to see how his work progressed. From monochromatic to color and then beyond.

After reading my new book for a while I couldn't wait to create something myself so I finished my watercolor in a matter of hours. I still referred to my Making Color Sing book, but I was much more relaxed for some reason and let loose a little. I think that is the best way to go about it for me. I went from almost giving up on it to actually kind of liking it. There you have it. I'll leave you with a neat Chuck Close quote that I found that reminded me of why going by the book doesn't always end up the best-

“If you ask yourself a personal enough question, your response is more likely to be personal, and that means that if you get yourself into trouble, no one else's answers are going to be applicable, and you'll be flying by the seat of your pants and you'll have to come up with something.”- Chuck Close

Friday, February 1, 2008

Love and Marriage...the survey

Because I have nothing better to do at the moment...

1. What is your husband's name? Glenn
2. How long have you been together? Married for almost 11 months, together for 3 years and 3 months
3. How long did you date? From first official date until proposal - exactly 1 year
4. How old is he? 23
5. Who eats more? Glenn of course...but he never gains a pound!
6. Who said I love you first? Glenn
7. Who is taller? Glenn, but when we first met I was wearing really tall shoes and he thought he wouldn't have a chance b/c I was taller...then I took the shoes off.
8. Who sings better? neither of us are really singers...
9. Who is smarter? Glenn is brilliant but I like to think that we are smart in different ways
10. Whose temper is worse? Glenn's, but I RARELY ever get mad. Usually I get upset or sad before I get angry
11. Who does the laundry? Both of us, but Glenn has done it more lately
12. Who does the dishes? Glenn does them more but only b/c he has more time during the day than me. I did them more when I didn't have a full time job.
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? we don't have sides
14. Who pays the bills? both of us, but I guess you could say that I do b/c I'm the one bringing in the moolah (haha)
15. Who mows the lawn? we don't have a lawn, but if we did he would mow it. I am way too clumsy to handle a moving blade
16. Who cooks dinner?I cook more, but sometimes I'm tired and he does
17. Who drives when you are together? he used to but recently he has had flat tire/lack of insurance issues b/c he always rides the bus so I have been driving everywhere. That is changing this week though!
18. Who is more stubborn? hmm, I think we both can be equally stubborn
19. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Depends on the situation.
20. Whose parents do you see the most?Mine.
21. Who proposed?Glenn...of course
22. Who is more sensitive? ME for sure
23. Who has more friends? probably Glenn, but we both have a lack of friends in California
24. Who has more siblings?Glenn
25. Who wears the pants in the family? we share pants ;-)
26. Where did you meet? At a DG party in Tulsa that neither one of us wanted to be at.
27. What was the first thing you said to your husband? I don't know but we had a great conversation about music.
28. Where was your first date? Dinner and a movie with my big sis Kersten and my gay boyfriend Reed. I knew after this date he would either think my friends and I were absolutely insane....or he would think that we were entertaining...luckily he wasn't scared away!
29. Where was your first kiss? the Kappa Sig house
30. Where did you get engaged? at our apartment in Tulsa
31. Where were you married? Sharp Chapel at TU
32. Where was the honeymoon? LA-funny that we ended up coming here to live...
33. If you could have changed anything about it what would it have been? Longer! and less traffic.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whale Watching and Malibu

Today Glenn and I went whale watching in Oxnard, California. Our boat left from Channel Islands Harbor and took us out about an hour from the Harbor. The coolest part of the whole thing was when we passed through a pack of dolphins. They were everywhere as far as the eye could see! They estimated that there were thousands of them! So amazing! We then continued further into the ocean to a spot where the female Grey whales were known to be migrating through. We found one and followed her for a while. We had a great time and I tried to capture it the best I could using my new camera! Check out the video!

After the tour was over, we headed to Malibu where we had made reservations to eat at "Paradise Cove" the only restaurant in Malibu that is on the beach. It is kind of like a non-chain Joes Crab Shack. In fact, it has been there for years and the owner's name is "Papa Joe" so we wondered if it might have been an inspiration fro Joe's Crab Shack.

We had our biggest celebrity sighting to date at Paradise Cove! We saw Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace who played step brother and sister on LOST and are dating in real life. I recognized him right away as an actor that I had seen A LOT, but could not place him. I didn't recognize her at all, but we googled who his girlfriend was when we got home and it turns out that she is a prety big actress also. They both have been on law and order, and other various movies and TV shows...pretty cool. They did not get star treatment fact they left b/c they didn't want to wait an hour for a table. (they should have made reservations like us :-) ) Meanwhile, on Malibu Pier (which you could see from our table) they were filming Edward Norton, who was narrating some kind of documentary.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reality star sighting!

Most people probably have forgotten about Meredith Phillips from the Bachelor and then the Bachelorette in 2005. All the girls in the Theta house circa 2005 religiously watched the Bachelorette, so Meredith's face was burned into my mind. I would recognize her anywhere. ...And I did at Barnes and Noble at the third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. She was very tall and prettier in person. I think she might have noticed that I recognized her and suddenly looked uncomfortable. I would have never approached her though...she shouldn't flatter herself haha. Or maybe that's just how she always looks...

I wish I could see a real celebrity!