Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Over...I'm goin home

Glenn has made the decision that law school isn't for him and he would rather be an engineer. SO this means that we must be out of our campus owned apartment by March 6th (2 weeks) and we are moving back to Texas. It's still up in the air exactly where we will move to, but Glenn has 1 offer in Dallas and hopefully will have one in Houston in the next couple of days. We will know for sure by this Friday!

Things I will miss about Los Angeles:

  • my job

  • looking at the ocean all day at work

  • beautiful scenery in general

  • wonderful weather

  • great concerts

  • never-ending fun places to visit

  • Trader Joe's

  • always having healthy options at restaurants

  • amazing shopping

  • Palm trees everywhere

  • recognizing that tv shows are filmed where you take your lunch break every day

  • It never rains

  • dogs are alloud everywhere (except my apt)

Things I WILL NOT miss about LA:

  • HORRIBLY insane traffic

  • lack of parking nearly everywhere

  • expensive rent

  • not allowed to have Molly in our apts

  • expensive groceries

  • everything is more expensive...

  • lack of friends and family

  • no good Mexican food (up to my standards anyway)

  • no good barbeque

  • the ocean is too cold to swim in w/o a wetsuit

  • too many pedesetrians to avoid while driving

  • motorcycles drive between the lanes of traffic...scary

  • being so far away from family and friends


Susan said...

Wow Emily - looks like you guys have a lot of transitions ahead of you yet again. I'm sure it will be nice to be closer to family. Basically life is just better in Texas. :) Good luck with everything!!

MLE said...

I am definitely ready for things to settle down a bit for us! I think this change will be for the best though.