Saturday, April 26, 2008

Minnie's (almost) 4 month stats

My little baby Minnie had her final puppy check-up and set of vaccinations today. She is nearly 4 months old! My how time flies. She still only weighs 2.08lbs (up from 1.15lb 3wks earlier). Although I am happy that she finally surpassed the 2 lb mark, her lack of weight is such a source of stress for me. The vets think that she is just a small girl and that's just how she is made but I am supposed to watch her closely for signs of liver shunts. Not growing at a normal rate is a symptom of this, but she hasn't shown any other signs-hopefully she never will! Minnie is SO spunky and acts like she feels great so I have to keep reminding myself of that!

On a lighter note we attended her 2nd puppy obedience class today and she is doing very well. She is quite observative and a quick learner. So far she can sit and is walking on a leash just great! It is common for people to chuckle when they see her walking by on a leash because when I walk Minnie it looks very similar to walking a furry guinea pig in a harness!

PS Molly is still a perfect girl. She is so sweet and patient with the puppy 99% of the time.

Here is a video of them playing:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's been a while...

It has been a while since I have posted anything. It has been bugging me that the name of my blog is still "Calicallaghans" and since we no longer live in CA that doesn't seem very accurate anymore now does it? I suppose I should start a new one, but I am lazy.

Also my biggest readers before were my parents who now live a short distance away and know everything already, so it feels a bit pointless to post blogs. OH well.

I do have some big news! (and my parents don't know this just yet b/c it is very new, so there you go)

I just got officially accepted today (via letter in the mail) to University of Houston Clear Lake! I will be going there to earn my master of arts in humanities w/ an emphasis in Art. Basically that means that I get to take lots of applied art classes and a few required humanities classes.

After that I am thinking of teaching. Not totally sure yet though since I have a while to decide. The awesome part about that is that since I will have my master's I will get paid more AND if I want to teach in college eventually I can.

Meanwhile I will be substitute teaching for extra moolah. I am a bit nervous about wranging teenagers but I better get used to it!