Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Hotel California...Apparently you can check out and you can also leave

My last day of work is this coming Tuesday (Mar. 4th), the movers come Wednesday, and we are on the road Thursday morning. It is kind of surreal, but at this point I just want everything to be done and over with. Especially the drive! I wish I could just wiggle my nose and skip the next few days and be in TX, but alas I can't.

With Glenn's moving bonus we are able to have movers come and box our stuff up and load it on the truck and the whole nine yards. This is a very odd feeling for me though b/c I just want to be doing something. I feel like I should be packing boxes and looking around at everything makes me anxious. I have been cleaning, sorting, taking the pictures off the wall, spackling nail holes, etc, but until our stuff is boxed and ready to go I think I will be a little unsettled!

We have an apartment reserved in Pearland and the best part is that we will have an attached garage AND...drumroll please...a WASHER & DRYER!!!!! I haven't had my own washer and dryer since I lived with my parents. Community laundry rooms and laundromats have gotten very old over the past few years.

Also I am ready for some good food. My favorite restaurants are in TX. I haven't found any seafood, barbeque or Mexican restaurants anywhere that can hold a candle to those in Texas. It is a good thing that my apartment has a workout room b/c I will most likely need it after stuffing my face.


Susan said...

Yay for Texas! I wouldn't mind ending up there someday either.