Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reality star sighting!

Most people probably have forgotten about Meredith Phillips from the Bachelor and then the Bachelorette in 2005. All the girls in the Theta house circa 2005 religiously watched the Bachelorette, so Meredith's face was burned into my mind. I would recognize her anywhere. ...And I did at Barnes and Noble at the third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. She was very tall and prettier in person. I think she might have noticed that I recognized her and suddenly looked uncomfortable. I would have never approached her though...she shouldn't flatter herself haha. Or maybe that's just how she always looks...

I wish I could see a real celebrity!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a great memory! I had totally forgotten about her!She should be flattered that anyone remembers her! Guess it does get old.. and being remembered for something stupid like that....She may even regret doing it by now- hmmm

Interesting! Love, M.