Saturday, October 27, 2007

Watch Out Emily is creative again!

Here is my first sketch that I've done in a while. Nothing special , but I'm proud that I'm doing ANY ART at ALL!


Anonymous said...

Hi Em :o)
It's great to hear of you & art..together again! But you know you were never really apart.
Like anything important to a person, you have to make time for it.. I haven't been too good at that.. And in the words of Karen, my AP mentor... and most awesome art educator..."Life just gets in the way..." It was sad to hear her say that... when she has devoted her life to teaching others... sounds too familiar...
I do know that when the passion & desire to make art dwells within a person... it will never leave... even when the stuggle to find time & energy...gets exhausting....and you wish you could...(forget about it)So.. Since you realize all that so early ... you are one up on me!
Dream On.... Dreams can become reality... if backed by affirmative action... Another plus is that you have a business background..
I will send your watercolors etc..this week...and it sounds as though you need some American Artist subscriptions...Hope you keep doing artwork for fun..and maybe things will work out so that you can enroll in a class or study with an artist you admire...That definitely helps you to make time for it becomes a priority...

Later Later! Love, M.