Sunday, October 7, 2007

Santa Monica Pier

Today, we went to the Santa Monica Pier and 3rd St. Promenade. We had been meaning to go for a few weekends, but finally made it! It's not too far from where we live.

We ate at the Marisol Mexican restaraunt at the end of the pier. We sat on the patio that overlooked the water. It was gorgeous! The water is such a beautiful aqua blue color! It was actually the best Mexican food we have had since living in LA also! Glenn ordered Tacos al carbon and I ordered chicken flautas, then we shared.

We then walked along the 3rd St. Promenade outdoor mall. It is really a unique place. Street performers line the street and they are often more talented than the average street bums haha! The weather is perfect here for an outdoor would never work in Houston or Tulsa...the weather is to unpredictable! A lot of people walked their dogs, and it made me miss Molly and wish she was there with us. We even saw an adorable little tri color cavalier puppy!

I went into Sephora because I have a $100 gift card there (from my credit card reward), but I couldn't decide what I wanted, so I gave up and made the choice to just order online. It is easier to find what you are looking for online...and I didn't want Glenn to have to wait as long as it would probably take me to decide what to buy!


Anonymous said...

We love all the pics! You & Glenn both look great. The scenery is beautiful. It's fun to hear about everything. We miss you both so much, but this blog really does makes LA seem a little closer to LJ... :o) Thank you for taking the time to post pics for all of us!
Love you both!
M & D... also Molly, PSue & Holly

Anonymous said...

Wow, Em! Pics are beautiful. I believe we went to the same Mexican Restaurant when I was in LA last September. It was good!
Love & hugs to you both,