Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've been productive

Here is the art that I have done this Weekend
The first one is a graphite wash of my pup Molly. I did it really quickly on Friday night and the picture I did it from was really hard to see (dark) so I think it turned out well considering...

This is a sort-of watercolor I did on Saturday from a picture I snapped of a cool looking palm tree in the courtyard of my apartment. I say "sort-of" watercolor because most of my art supplies are still at home in Texas and I only had a few colors of not very good quality student grade watercolor. This was also done really fast...I didn't even draw on the paper first because I didn't feel like it. I have been doing spur of the moment art lately...but that is good because it means that I am doing it and finishing pieces!


Anonymous said...

You are SO productive! I like them both...and LOVE the one of Molly. You've really captured her personality... I should do graphite wash with my students... Hey..did you know they make graphite pencils that are water soluble now? I will send you one... I also have a large JAR of graphite powder...which would have saved you time... of course what you had seemed to be just what you needed! In a way.. spending time on value with monochromatic drawings is a good thing.. More & more I hear experts stress "the value of value"...and that applies to color as well...:o)


Susan said...

Amazing Emily! And I hope the job interview went well!

MLE said...

Thanks :-)