Friday, November 23, 2007

I am Thankful for...Thanksgiving holiday! Oh and check out Glenn's new do!

Glenn and I have thouroughly enjoyed our days off for Thanksgiving! I got off of work early (at 2:00) on Wednesday and had holidays Thursday and Friday, making a nice long weekend :-) On Thanksgiving I cooked and it definitely made me appreciate my mom and granny's cooking because although I spent a lot of time cooking, it just didn't turn out the same. It was a nice day just to take it easy.

Today, we rode the bus a few blocks to the Westside Pavillion mall because we were wary of trying to park on "Black Friday." I bought some badly needed work slacks and a new pair of jeans and Glenn had a hair appointment. His hair looks SO sophisticated! I love it!

Tomorrow we are going to take advantage of my prime parking spot in Santa Monica and walk around the promenade mall and pier.


Anonymous said...

So thankful that you are having some time to relax and enjoy the holiday! Have fun tomorrow!
And Glenn's "do" is mean Awesome! Looks GRRRREAT! Molly agrees!Wuf...

The fam...
PS..We are thankful for you two, and the Thanksgiving Holiday too! :o) Miss you both! xxoxoxo

Susan said...

I like the hair!

Anonymous said...

Glenn looks awesome!