Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day Outing to Venice Beach

Today, Glenn's class was cancelled in honor of Veteran's Day! I'm still kind of playing a waiting game as far as the job search goes, so I was free to spend time with Glenn today! We were going to go to the Armand Hammer Museum, but then we realized that they are closed on Mondays, so we decided to go see Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is a bit south of Santa Monica down the coast. We can really get to either beach in a matter of 10-15 minutes from our apartment, so we are very lucky. We parked and walked down the pier. Then we walked all the way along the coast to Santa Monica. There are all sorts of street vendors, street performers, restaurants and junk is like nowhere I've ever been in my life.
There are definitely a lot of colorful characters that you meet along the way! We saw many cute dogs, a cat on a leash, a giant iguana on a leash, and many semi-scary larry characters who were trying to make money of of their "talents". This man on homemade rollerblades decided to join us as we were walking and serenade us with his portable electric guitar. I made the mistake of snapping a picture of him, so then I had to give him a tip! I say it was worth it...look at him!

He definitely had enough knee pads...something tells me he might need them.

Obviously, we didn't need to pay admission to see the Venice Freaks of Nature...we definitely got a great show for free!

It was a fun outing! On the way home we stopped off at the Taco Bell between the beach and our house. We have yet to find a normal Taco Bell near our apartment...look at the sign! It doesn't even have a drive-through!

We ended our day by going grocery shopping (exciting) and making nachos! All in all a good day!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pics!


Chelsea said...

Good words.