Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Re-evaluated Wish List

A while back I blogged about the things that I wished I could get in the near future.

Since then, we have decided to wait a while to get a house. Even though I got hired in May, I won't get my first paycheck until September, so we really can't save enough for a down payment. Well, we could come up with a small one, but would rather save a larger amount for a long list of reasons.

Instead, we are going to move into a larger 2 bedroom Apartment (not on the 3rd floor and possibly with a garage) when our lease is up in December. It actually will cost about the same as our current apartment! I have to have more space! (poor Glenn, my very expensive art supplies need a home and I need a work space!)

This decision has made many things possible for us that are really important:
  1. Glenn is going to start graduate school! His Employer will pay for it in full (which is incredible) but we have to pay for it up front. When his passing grades come in, then they will reimburse us. If we got a house now, not only would it be an expense, but Glenn would have to be distracted by things like mowing the lawn when he needs to be studying for his classes/driving to class. Glenn having a master's degree will help us financially more than anything else- after only 2 years (about the same time he will also get his professional engineer's license!)
  2. I got my new laptop! And digital camera is ordered... Like I said in my earlier post, I have needed a new laptop for a LONG TIME! I didn't just want a new laptop, I NEEDED it badly! I however, did not have to get a Mac. That is a luxury. I consider my laptop not only a study tool, work tool, but also an art supply, so I really appreciate having a Mac. I use it for photos, adjusting color, visualizing images for my paintings, etc. I am also told that artists interviewing with galleries often show their work on Mac laptops, so now I am prepared! Also, I am an expert at destroying PCs with viruses, so I thought it was time to try something different!
  3. Art Supplies! Besides my laptop, camera, and tuition, ART SUPPLIES are my biggest must-have expense! The large panels that I paint on for my Grad school work cost 25-35 dollars each (depending on which art store I find them at). Ad up the cost: I am required to do a minimum of 24 paintings of this size to graduate when it's all said and done, so not including paint, paper, paintbrushes, or any other materials =$600-840!!! Now I can relax and just get what I need when I need it.
  4. The possibility of a Vacation this year! Without a house payment, we will definitely go on a vacation!
I think I am actually forgetting some things, but you get the idea!