Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wish List

Ok, so it's not Christmas time or even really near my Birthday, but since I've been a student, there are things that I dream about being able to afford one day when we are both working.

1. A House (with an Art room)- of course this is the biggest one. We renewed our apartment lease for 6 months (from July) so we are hoping to save a bit of $$$ for a down payment on a house in that time. Unfortunately I won't start getting a paycheck until August, so it may not be possible to save enough money as soon as we would like. We would like to capitalize on the $8,000 tax rebate! My Artwork and supplies are eating our apartment, so I can't wait til I have my own room/studio!

2. A new Mac Laptop- I am using the same laptop that I've had since my freshman year of college. Yes, the laptop that stopped working about a month after my college classes started that year. It has had so many problems and had to be reformatted more times than I can remember. I really would like a Mac.

3. A New Digital Camera- I really like my mom's new Canon digital camera. It takes really good pictures and sells for a very reasonable price. Lately I've been using the camera on my phone or the still shots on my video camera (that aren't as high quality as a regular camera).

3. A Kitchen Table- We don't have room in our apt for a kitchen table, so we eat at our coffee table on the sofa. I can't wait til we have a real place to eat!