Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recent Happenings

This past week I attended a 3 day professional development workshop in Houston called Capturing Kid's Hearts. I learned a lot, and one of the best things about it was that I met some of my future Owens co-workers! It makes me feel really good to that I will know a few people before the first day of classes. On Thursday, after meeting Amanda and Heather, we all went together to another teacher's birthday party at a local Mexican restaurant. It was awesome to be able to meet people in relaxed setting! Thanks to Amanda taking photos here is a pic of us and another new teacher, Lisa, and Debbie, who also works at Owens.

Friday was the Opening for the Galveston Art League Juried Show! It was a really nice reception with wine and cheese and lots of good company! My parents, my Aunt Anne, and Uncle Gary all came to support me which was awesome! I also got to meet a couple of my mom's RAT (Retired Art Teacher) friends who were great! All in all a good evening!

Saturday night, Glenn's good friend Kyle from Tulsa was in town with his wife, Amy! They are moving to Houston soon (yay!) and were looking for houses and apartments, so we got to go out to dinner and ice cream with them! I took a really cute picture of them at the ice cream parlor, but accidently erased it (still getting used to my new camera) so sorry no pics :-( but it was good to catch up with them.

Finally, today, I visited my Theta friend, Erin at her apartment. We had a low-key afternoon and hung-out by the pool, then ate lunch together. I tested out my waterproof digital camera with her, but alas, I accidently deleted those photos at the same time that I deleted the one of Amy & Kyle.

I've had a really fun and social week/weekend, but my summer school class starts tomorrow, so I'll be back to business...we'll it's printmaking, so it's fun arty business, but still school :-)