Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm going to Disneyland!

Today, Glenn and I ventured to Disneyland today! We went to the Disney California Adventure park and didn't actually go to the classic Disneyland park though...unfortunately the park hopper tickets were a little too pricey for our liking and California Adventure had more rollercoasters and adult attractions. We had a blast! The whole park was decorated with cute Halloween decorations. Our favorite ride was the California Screamin roller coaster. It is the huge one that you can see in the background of the pictures above. The coolest part is that the loop goes around the Mickey Mouse head on the side. We rode it at least 4 times I think!

Another of my favorite attractions was the Disney Animation studio. When I was younger that is always what I wanted to do ...I wanted to be a Disney animator when I grew up! Now I'm grown up and walking into the animation attraction made me wish that I really had ended up doing that! They were playing parts of the classic movies on huge plasma screens and I just think the older Disney movies are so magical...they give me goosebumps! I also loved looking at the original character sketches on display. Very cool!

The Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror was a really great ride too! It was scary and I was screaming the whole time!

This life sized Darth Vader was made completely out of LEGOs! As you can see I bought a pair of Minnie Mouse ears! I couldn't resist...they were just so cute! You can't really tell in the picture, but they are made of black sequins.
It was a really fun day!


Anonymous said...

GREAT PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy that you & Glenn are getting to do some awesome, fun things! Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

Love you both!

PS..CUTE MOUSE EARS...I can imagine Molly in little mouse ears... maybe we can find a (Minnie Mouse)Halloween costume for her someday!