Thursday, August 30, 2007

Job Search

I had my first interview of the day at 11 with Enterprise at their regional ofice for their management trainee program. It went really well! I anwsered every question well and was on top of my game! I have a second interview/ observation tomorrow morning at 8am, so I am hoping that goes well. Everyone I met there was really friendly and seemed to actually be enjoying their jobs.

My second interview was at 3:30 in Sherman Oaks for an outside sales position, and went pretty well except for the fact that I definitely cannot see myself working for this company...more specifically, working under the man who interviewed me! I understand that they will interview you "hard sell" style sometimes, but there is a difference betwen that and just being rude. This guy was just rude. I could have a second interview/ ride along but I don't want to. I just had a gut feeling that I would be miserable working there, so that's that.

So, long story short- I hope everything works out with the Enterprise job, if not, more interviews!