Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hollywood Bowl Concert: Sgt. Pepper's at 40...a Beatles Celebration!

For our 5 month wedding anniversary, Glenn bought us tickets for the Sgt. Pepper's at 40 concert! It has been 40 years since the album was released, so this concert was paying a tribute to that. Cheap Trick were the band leaders, but one of our fave singers, Aimee Man was performing also, as well as Joan Osbourne, Ian Bell, Rob Laufer, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Also, the sound engineer who originally worked on the Sgt. Pepper's album was mixing the sound for the concert!

Parking is expensive/crappy at the Hollywood Bowl, so we parked at the Zoo and took a Shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl. I love zoos, so we had fun looking at the animals before we had to board the shuttle for the concert. I still want to go to the San Diego Zoo though!

While waiting for the shuttle, we realized we were the only people without picnic baskets and coolers. Apparently it is custom to eat a 3 course meal at the Hollywood Bowl before the concert starts! It is the first concert venue I've ever been to that allows you to bring in your own food and drinks, including alcohol...usually they want to make money off of selling their concessions at inflated prices! Also while waiting we met a really neat German lady who was originally from Hamburg but moved to LA in her 20s and never returned to Germany. She had actually seen the Beatles when they played in Hamburg, Germany before they were famous!

The Concert was AMAZING! The first half the artists all played Beatles songs (not from Sgt. Peppers). The highlight of the first half for me was when Cheap Trick played from Golden Slumbers to the end of the Abbey Road album (my fave) ! I had no idea that the singer from Cheap Trick had that good of a sure can't tell from their songs that I've heard! After Intermission, they began playing Sgt. Pepper's and played in all the way through. It was really awesome!